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Monday, March 07, 2011

Renault F1 Driver Robert Kubica Seriously Injured in Rally Accident

Formula 1 driver and fan favourite Robert Kubica can count himself lucky as he survived a horrific crash while partaking in the little known Ronde Di Andora Rally in Italy.

The Renault driver, 26, who is considered one of the most promising stars in the sport, had to undergo major surgery on his right leg, right arm and hand after colliding with a church wall and barrier shortly after starting the race on Sunday 06th February 2011.

A full hour after the accident, Kubica was finally extracted from the wreckage of his vehicle which his co-driver, Jakub Gerber walked away from unscathed. The young driver was then airlifted to the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure where he underwent over 7 hours surgery, predominantly on his right hand, in an attempt to save his racing career. It is too early to tell whether he will race again this season, or again in F1 due to the serious nature of the accident which also left the Pole with multiple fractures to his right arm.

Renault, have remained surprisingly quiet over the issue. They have refused to comment as to whether Kubica had permission to participate in the event at the weekend and have only commented to wish him a successful recovery. Formula 1 drivers are usually made to keep to a strict lifestyle of relaxation to avoid damaging themselves and their abilities to drive like Kubica has done.

As a favourite in the HIC office we offer our best wishes to Robert and wish him a speedy recovery (no pun intended). The new F1 season kicks off later this month and I'm sure you are all as excited as we are about it! Hopefully we will be seeing the Renault driver in action again in the coming season.


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